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Cold extrusion technology of steel bar sleeve

Cold extrusion connection of reinforcement is a joint formed by inserting the reinforcement to be connected into the extrusion sleeve and extruding the sleeve with extrusion pliers to produce plastic deformation and close compression with the surface of ribbed reinforcement. Compared with the traditional lapping and welding technology, this technology has the advantages of stable and reliable joint quality, no environmental impact, full-time construction, good seismic resistance and low temperature resistance of the joint. The pump station is connected with the high-pressure extrusion die and the high-pressure extrusion die.


Engineering practice has proved that this connection method is very simple and effective. Compared with traditional binding and welding, it has the following advantages:

1. High joint strength, stable and reliable quality; No weldability requirements for reinforcement;

2. The on-site extrusion time required for each joint is only 1-3m, and the work efficiency is several times to ten times faster than that of general welding methods;

3. The power of the oil pump is only 1-4kw, which is not limited by the power capacity. The crimper is light and flexible, which is suitable for simultaneous operation of multiple equipment.

4. No inflammable and explosive gas, no fire hazard, and no influence of wind, rain and cold weather:

5. The crowding phenomenon at the joint of reinforcement is alleviated, which is conducive to the pouring of concrete;

6. There is no need for professional and skilled technicians, and deformed steel bars with different diameters and varieties can be connected;

7. The steel consumption of the joint is about 80% less than that of the lap joint.

Scope of application: Construction Engineering, reinforced concrete structure construction, high-rise frame building, ordinary highway, expressway, ordinary railway, high-speed railway, tunnel, bridge, airport construction, flood control dam, earthquake proof building, marine wave proof dam and other reinforcement connection applications.


Post time: Mar-15-2022