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High Quality Water stop plate

Water stop plate, also known as: water stop plate. In the box foundation or basement, the bottom plate and the outer wall panel, the concrete of the roof is separately poured and ramped. When the wall concrete is poured again, there is a construction cold joint. When the position of the joint is below the underground water level, it is easy to produce water seepage. In this way, it is necessary to carry out technical treatment on this seam. There are many methods of treatment, among which the most popular method is to set water stop steel plate.
The general steel plate water stop belt is made of cold-rolled plate as the base material, because the thickness of the cold plate can be uniform, the thickness of the hot plate can not reach the uniform degree, the thickness is generally 2 mm or 3 mm, the length is generally processed into 3 meters long or 6 meters long, generally three meters good transportation.
The steel plate water stop belt (water stop steel plate) is in the pouring of the lower concrete, embedded 300mmx3m steel plate, which has the upper part of 10-15cm exposed outside, in the next concrete pouring this part of the steel plate pouring in together, play a role in preventing the outside pressure water infiltration. Therefore, the water stop steel plate has higher requirements for welding joints, and can not appear leakage point, which affects waterproof performance.

Post time: Mar-08-2022