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Reinforcement straight thread connecting sleeve

Steel bar straight thread connecting sleeve, also known as steel bar joint. A connector used to connect reinforcement and with threads corresponding to screw heads. The construction process is that the end of the reinforcement is processed into straight thread by rolling process, and the two reinforcements are connected with each other by corresponding connecting sleeves. It mainly adopts international 45# high-quality steel, special manufacturing process, reasonable design, high dimensional accuracy and reliable connection quality. The performance indexes have reached the standard of class I joint in jgj107-2003 after being tested by the national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center. Specifications mainly include: Φ 16MM、 Φ 18MM、 Φ 20MM、 Φ 22MM、 Φ 25MM、 Φ 28MM、 Φ 32MM、 Φ 36MM。 The connection forms are divided into three series: standard type, positive and negative screw thread type and reducing type.


The reinforcement straight thread connecting sleeve mainly has the following characteristics: 1 It is applicable to the reinforcement connection construction in reinforced concrete structures of various structures bearing tension and compression forces. 2. Energy saving and material saving. 3. It can be connected in all directions. 4. It can be made in advance without occupying the construction period, and the construction can be carried out all day. 5. The operation is convenient and fast, and the construction speed is fast.


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Post time: Apr-21-2022