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U-shaped steel plate waterstop

U-shaped steel plate waterstop, also known as U-shaped steel plate waterstop.

The horizontal prefabricated components and vertical prefabricated components in the basement of the building cannot be cast in situ at one time. Generally, the horizontal construction joint is reserved at the part 300mm above the base plate, and the water stop steel plate is placed at the construction joint. The water stop steel plate is generally 400mm wide, and half of the new and old concrete is laid respectively.


The basic concept of U-shaped stainless steel plate water stop steel plate: the joint between new and old concrete is called construction joint, which belongs to the weak link of moisture-proof of impermeable concrete. After improving the water stop steel plate, when water seeps along the gap of the overlapping part of new and old concrete reinforcement, it can’t help seeping into the water stop steel plate. The water stop steel plate has the function of combining water seepage mode. Immediately penetrate along the gap between the water stop steel plate and the concrete. The water stop steel plate has a certain total width and improves the water penetration mode, which can also have the function of moisture-proof.


U-shaped water stop steel plate is mainly used for engineering construction concrete structure, water stop steel plate structure, river embankment and other large, medium and small construction projects. For example: construction joints in tunnel engineering construction, subway mouth, river lift, tunnel, water conservancy and hydropower engineering projects, construction joints in high-rise building basement, underground parking lot and other important construction projects. U-shaped steel plate waterstop plays an important role in new infrastructure projects, underground machinery and equipment, tunnel engineering construction, sewage treatment plant, water conservancy and hydropower projects, subway entrance and other construction projects.

Post time: May-07-2022