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Rebar straight thread connection sleeve

Short Description:

1. International 45# high quality steel, special manufacturing process, reasonable design, high dimensional accuracy, reliable connection quality.

2. The performance indexes have reached the standard of grade I joint in JGJ107-2003 tested by national Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

3. Specifications: φ 12MM, φ 14MM, φ 16MM, φ 18MM, φ 20MM, φ 22MM, φ 25MM, φ 28MM, φ 32MM, φ 36MM, φ 40MM, φ 50MM

4. The connection form is divided into three series: standard type, positive and negative wire buckle type, reducing type.

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Technical Characteristics  

1. It is suitable for reinforcing bar connection construction of all kinds of reinforced concrete structures bearing tensile and compressive bidirectional forces.

2. Energy saving and material saving.

3. Omnidirectional connection.

4. Can be made in advance, does not occupy the construction period, all-weather construction.

5. Convenient operation, fast construction speed.

Material Standard For Straight Thread Sleeve

The rebar shall have factory certificate and mechanical property inspection report, and all inspection results shall conform to the provisions of the current code and design requirements.  The connecting sleeve shall have factory certificate, generally low alloy steel or high quality carbon structural steel, the standard value of tensile bearing capacity shall be greater than, that is, 1.20 times the standard value of the tensile bearing capacity of the connected steel bar, the length of the sleeve shall be twice the diameter of the steel bar, the sleeve shall have a protective cover, and the specification of the sleeve shall be indicated on the protective cover.  Sleeve in the process of transportation, storage, to prevent corrosion and contamination.  

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