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High Quality Grouting sleeve

Grouting sleeve is also called grouting sleeve joint or sleeve grouting joint.

Grouting sleeve is a combination of specially processed sleeve, matching grouting material and steel bar. When connecting steel bar, fast hardening non-shrinkage grouting material is injected to connect steel bar and sleeve depending on the bonding effect between materials. The sleeve grouting joint has the advantages of reliable performance, wide applicability and easy installation.
Grouting sleeve connection technology is suitable for reinforced concrete structure engineering, steel structure engineering, bridge engineering, offshore oil exploitation platform engineering, offshore wind power tower and other fields. Grouting sleeve connection technology is a new type of steel structure connection due to the need of engineering practice and the development of technology. The emergence of this connection method makes up for the deficiency of the traditional steel structure connection method (mainly including welding and bolt connection), and has been rapidly developed and applied.
Sleeve grouting joint is an effective and reliable mechanical connection of longitudinal reinforced bars in prefabricated concrete structures, which can be popularized and applied in prefabricated concrete structures. Combining with the characteristics of socket joint grouting technology and the engineering application in our country, there are still some problems worthy of further research, such as the performance of the sleeve joint grouting test, inspection method, the frame column and shear wall of the sleeve joint grouting in the reinforcement, sleeve area forms and construction of grouting quality control methods and acceptance criteria, etc.

Post time: Mar-22-2022