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Rebar connection sleeve advantage

In the construction industry, all kinds of rebar are used in a wide range, and it is known that the length of rebar is limited, sometimes people do not need too long rebar to cut it, and sometimes they need longer rebar, and they need to connect them together. Times the cut steel bar is sometimes not very long, but it is a pity not to use it. If they are connected together through welding technology, it is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also sometimes the labor cost of connecting steel bar is far beyond the use value of steel bar. This approach often outcosts the gains.

And now the steel bar sleeve is a replacement for the traditional welding method and the latest products, steel bar sleeve does not need people to use the old way to connect the broken steel bar, but the use of the latest technology, without any power support can be completed between the steel bar and steel bar connection task. The steel bar sleeve adopts the international standard of 45 steel, so that the product itself is extremely strong hardness, to ensure the product in the use of the process of firmness and stability.

The steel bar sleeve design is exquisite, the precision of each product is very high, and the thread shape of each product is also very good, so as to effectively ensure that the steel bar is more firm after connecting. And the use of steel bar sleeve to steel bar connection, abandon the old welding method, this approach is more environmental protection, not the use of open fire operation, so that the safety and effective construction of the project has been improved. No matter what material the steel bar is made of, the composition in the steel bar will not affect the use of steel bar sleeve.
A wide variety of steel sleeve, including a variety of models are also very complete, up to 52 varieties no matter what type of steel you choose, you can find suitable steel sleeve. The steel sleeve method is very simple and does not require a professional to connect the steel bars, which can save a lot of money in terms of labor costs and shorten the construction period.

Post time: May-24-2022