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High Quality Cold extrusion sleeve

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Purpose: the connection between steel bar and steel bar

Use process: will need to connect the steel bar (ribbed steel bar) end inserted into the cold extrusion sleeve, the use of extrusion machine compression steel sleeve, so that it produces plastic deformation, by deformation of the steel bar sleeve and ribbed steel bar mechanical fastening force to achieve the connection of steel bar.

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Its stability is not affected by the chemical composition of steel bars, human factors, climate, electricity and many other factors.  Green environmental protection, no pollution, meet the requirements of environmental protection, no open fire operation and construction safe and reliable.  Applicable to a wide range of applications, suitable for all kinds of orientation and the same, reducing steel bar connection.  Stable and reliable quality, easy to use, simple operation, fast construction speed.

The operation process of cold extrusion connecting sleeve is introduced

1. fixed professional operation staff, and passed the assessment, with the certificate.

2. In order to improve the efficiency, in the processing area, the steel sleeve is connected with the steel bar to complete half of the extrusion head, and the other half of the extrusion head is extruded on site, but the semi-finished product should be set up and placed to prevent the pollution in the extrusion cylinder.  

3. In the extrusion work, it is advisable to start from the indentation mark in the middle of the joint to both ends.  

4, cold extrusion connecting sleeve should meet the specifications of steel bar, with a large generation of small method is not all desirable, depending on the situation, for example: when the diameter of steel bar changes, if the steel bar differs by a grade, it can be replaced by a large diameter, if the steel bar differs by more than one grade, a transition section should be added.  

5, before extrusion connection work, must will mark on the bar end well (positioning, check mark), positioning marks its main purpose is to mark the steel reinforcement and the sleeve position, because the steel sleeve elongation after extrusion, positioning marks into the joint, so a check mark, can more easily check steel sleeve position is correct.  

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